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Treasure of Albion

  • Shot in: 2006
  • Format: HD
  • Duration: 67 minutes
  • Awards: Winner of a Bronze ‘REMI’ Award at the Worldfest International Film Festival, Houston, Texas.
  • Starring: Todd Carty, Ray Lonnen, Norman Lovett, Barbara King, Phil Cool


Young people at an outdoor pursuits summer camp discover clues to the legendary lost treasure of English kings – the Treasure of Albion. Harvey Van Bolingbroke, an evil megalomaniac, is hell-bent on stealing Britain’s treasure for himself. It is left to the kids to outwit Bolingbroke and save the treasure.  

Student Crew

  • 2nd Assistant Directors: Vicki Arnold
  • 3rd Assistant Directors: Natalie Seaton, Hannah North
  • Editors: Tom Hunter, Lee Burrows, Michael Mannion

Student cast

John Montegrande, Thomas Darabi-Ford, Emily McIntyre, Matthew Bradbury, Hannah Byrne, Patrick Confey, Dean Fagan, Jordan Dawes, Paul Woodward, Hannah Evison.

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