The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy


  • Shot in: 2008
  • Format: HD
  • Duration: 75minutes
  • Starring: Brian Blessed, Susan Skipper, Ray Lennon, Richard Brimblecombe


Society says that young people are dangerously out of control; gratuitous violence, devastating vandalism and anti-social behaviour plague our streets, schools and homes.  Parents, teachers and the public are becoming intolerably scared of the younger generation and are turning to radical and hasty resolves to quell their fears. ‘Re-Evolution’ exposes a surreal, dark and disturbing twist on a world in which the powers that be prescribe a cure for the youth of today.  

Student Crew

  • Camera Operators: Simon Whybourne, Guy Bennet, Andrew Sarsfield
  • Grip: Chris Lees
  • Music/Foley: Nick Pilgrim
  • Boom Operator: Nathan Croucher

Student cast

Charis Deighton, Mark Ralph, Dani Tonks, Jordan Dawes, John Montegrande, Paul Serghiou, Imogen Greenwood, Carlton McCulloch

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Stills from the film

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