The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy

The Limelight

  • Format: HD
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Shot in: 2010


The Limelight is a dilapidated nightclub in its final hours – about to close its doors for the last time. It is dark, crumbling and cheap. In one last attempt to revitalise its fortunes, the owners decide to host an under eighteens battle of the bands. While this event is the club’s final hope, for the competitors it is the closest they may ever get to fame – their X Factor moment.

The Battle of the Bands turns into an empty event; the winner gets a dubious contract with a local low life, low-time producer. And, apart from local support, no one knows nor cares…

  • Director: Andrew Walkington
  • Producer: Matt Deeley
  • Executive Producer: Matt Deeley, Kevin Atkinson and Andrew Walkington
  • Screenwriter: John Warburton
  • Director of Photography: Ste Webster
  • Production Designer: Tom Preece
  • Cast: Chris Ellison, Sharon Duce, Richard Brimblecombe, Liam Tobin, Lee Potts, Becky Smith, Jordan Asil.
  • Funding: BYFA, The Co-operative, Aimhigher

Official trailer

Stills from the film