The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy

Self Same Sky

  • Format: HD 1080p
  • Duration: 119 Minutes
  • Shot in: East Midlands Summer Camp, 2011

The moving story of a young Scouse lad who, in a world of hilarious losers and broken promises, befriends a life of petty crime, jeopardises his family’s future and is forced to become a man.


Hal is a true depiction of the area in which he lives, repeatedly breaking the law with his fat, charismatic and often drunk friend, John Falstaff. Hal’s dad, Henry, has tried again and again to lend Hal a helping hand - it is a constant battle that dominates the fragile family. Whilst Henry is tirelessly fighting to adopt his young and vulnerable nephew, he receives some devastating news which threatens to rip the family apart. Self Same Sky tells the powerful story of how a cruel world makes its mark, resulting in uncompromising consequences within an ever-compromised world.

Self Same Sky is a feature film based on William Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part II, by The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy and in association with Inglenook Productions.

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Cast & Crew

Directors: William Forster & Michael Mannion

Producer: Hannah North

Writer: Jordan Dawes

DOP: Guy Bennett & Jasmin Anderson

Production Designer: Amy Penrose

Music: Ash Before Oak

Additional Score: Tom Forster

Cast: Marc Ralph, Junior Daws, Carl Wharton, Ted Holden, Jamie Wilson, Liana Middleton, Callum Marshall, Dereece Gibson, Erica Tough, Symone Robinson, Ashleigh Toone, Reece Buchanan, Callum Sworder, James Francis, Anthony Phillips, Paul Syrstad