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Faust's Growth 

  • Format: HD 1080p
  • Duration: 85 mins
  • Shot in: 2012


Souls keep the endless flames burning in the furnaces of Hell...

Mephistopheles has his eye on a holiday from the burden and boredom of processing the endless supply of bad and shrunken souls in Hell.  

He has an idea... Could the soul of an unenriched life be secured in advance and then grown, providing enough fuel for him to earn a vacation?

After making a deal with his boss Lucifer, Mephistopheles sets out to secure the soul of George Faust - a wealthy man who is dying and who has spent a lifetime serving only himself.

Can Faust be redeemed by seeing the error of his ways and allowing his soul to grow again, or will Mephistopheles' plan fail and neither get way they need?

Cast & Cast

Written and Directed by: John Eyre & Robin Heap

Production Designed by: John Eyre & Robin Heap

Edited by: John Eyre & Robin Heap

Line Producer: Liz Harris

Production Manager: Kristina Lyons

Director of Photography: Lewis Wood

1st Camera Assistant: Ben Dawson

1st Asistant Directors: Arthur Arneson, Jess Ing

2nd Assistant Diector: Zoe Lyon

2nd Unit Director: Jess Ing

Art Director: Carly Whickman

Assistant Art Director: Emily Jones

Special Effects: Emily Jones

Second Assistan Art Director: Ben Jenkins

Head of Wardrobe: Florence Meredith

Assistant Head of Wardrobe: Maddy Ross-Masson

Wardrobe Department: Gina Amos, Naj Khan, Danielle Bishop, Daniel Hack, Faye Carter

Head of Hair and Make-up: Gina Amos

Make-up Mentor: Naj Khan

Make-up Department: Faye Cutting, Shaz Mohammadi, Louise Gibbins, Sophia Kelly, Saleena Khatun, Naheed Husain, Saira Beig

Art Department: Steve Plumstead, Viviana Poludniak, Cayde Sleeth-Wilding, Alice Crolla, Viki Roche, Arushka Pollard

Continuity: Andrew Loyd, Katy Pogue

Production Runners: Ben Dawson, Danielle Bishop, Alice Crolla, Viki Roche, Spud Atkinson, Serena Formica

Visual Effects: John Eyre, Nathan Greenwood

Music: Simon Walker

On Location Editor and Compositor: Nathan Greenwood

Location Post Dept: Nathan Greenwood, Ryan Overend, Ben Dawson, Josh Lightowler, Anthony Sanderson, Dariuz Filip

Camera Operators: Ben Dawson, Andrew Lloyd, Katy Pogue, Carly Gaunt, Holly Upton, Adam Mitulinkski, Nathaniel Miller, Zoe Lyon

Lighting: Lewis Wood, Ben Dawson, Katy Pogue, Carly Gaunt, Abbie Chilton, Spud Atkinson, Heather McPhillips, Louise Gibbins, Matthew Gittings, Viki Roche

Sound: Ben Dawson, Josh Lightowler, Nathaniel Greenwood, Adam Mitulinski, Nathaniel Miller, Katy Pogue, Brett Dean, Spud Atkinson, Amy Lodge, Dominic Pusey, Serena Formica, Matthew Gittings, Viki Roche

Grip Team: Ben Dawson, Andrew Lloyd, Nathaniel Greenwood, Nathaniel Miller, Adam Mitulinkski, Katy Pogue, Carly Gaunt, Josh Calvert, Abbie Chilton, Viviana Poludniak, Sophia Kelly, Matthew Gittings, Spud Atkinson, Louise Gibbins, Heather McPhillips, Naj Khan, Nolan Pollard, Alice Crolla, Viki Roche

Associate Director for Performance: Sam Lunn

Acting Mentors: Thomas Sparkes, Simon Jenkins, Jordan Turner, Cayde Sleeth-Wilding, Cameron Mills, Arushka Pollard, Viviana Poludniak, James McDonough, Adam Wittek, Dom Pusey

Cast: Faust (Young) - Simon Jenkins, Faust (Old) - Chris Repps. Mephistopheles - Thomas Sparkes, Valdes- Will Charlton, Cornelius- Guy Darker, Greta – Viviana Poludniak, Wagner – David Woodcock, Head Witch - Amy Lodge, The Rep [Heaven and Hell] – Adam Wittek, Doctor Sloan – Anj Hardy, Jenifer – Emily Jones, Bank Manager – James Dee, Little Devil – James Hall, Spider – Stephen, David ‘Dave’– Rob Meldrum, Lost Soul 1 - Abbie Chilton, Lost Soul 2 - Daisy Smith, Lost Soul 3 - Holly McCartney, Lost Soul 4 – Sophie Kelly, Thug 1- Josh Calvert, Thug 2- Sam Lunn, Thug 3 – James McDonough, Inductee 1 – Sophie Kelly, Inductee 2 – Jack_Martin, Inductee 3 - Daniel Hack, Inductee 4 - Holly McCartney, Inductee 5 - Shaz Mohammadi, Inductee 6 - Sophia Kelly, Inductee 7 - Thomas Shearer, Inductee 8 - Nathan Greenwood, Inductee 9 - Jamie Paige-Varney, Inductee10 - Cayde Sleeth-Wilding, Inductee 11 - Daisy Smith, Inductee 12 - Carly Gaunt, Inductee 13 - Happy Hell Workers, Inductee 14 - Jack Davis, Inductee 15 - Josh Lightowler, Club Security Man - Stephen Maloney, Voice of Lucifer – Stephen Malony, Club Doorman- Richard Orange, Ticket Guy – Thomas Shearer, Minion – Cayde Sleeth-Wilding, News Reporter – Danielle Ronald, Café Waitress – Kerry Spivey, Witch 1 – Gavin Matthews, Man on Street – Gavin Mathews, Witch 2- Jordan Turner, Minion - Cayde Sleeth-Wilding, Siren 1 and 2 - Arushka Pollard, Junior Bank Manager – Richard Orange, Art Gallery Visitor 1 - Emma Maloney, Art Gallery Visitor 2  - Joshua Purton, Art Gallery Visitor 2 - Stephen Normandale, Protestor 1 - Gina Amos, Protestor 2 - Stephen Normandale, Protestor 3 - Richard Orange, Protestor 4 - Jamie Paige-Varney, Protestor 5 - Louise Gibbins, Big Boss – Ben Dawson, Rockstar on plane – Ben Jankins, Mavis – Jess Ing, Charity Worker 1 - Brett Dean, Charity Worker 2 - Abbie Chilton, Charity Worker 3 -Club Barman 1 - Thomas Shearer, Club Barman 2 -  Alex Christopher, Street Beggar - Alex Garrick,Mellony - Bethany Pickles, Peter – Daniel Hack, Magical Dog [Mephistopheles] - Saffy Lodge, Dog backup provided by Josh Lighttowler

Head of Shorts: Josh Calvert

Short Films: Cayde Sleeth-Wilding, Danielle Bishop, Sophie Kelly, Katy Pogue, Abbie Chilton, Selena Ali, Jamie Paige-Varney, Kerry Spivey, Daniel Hack, Jack Martin, Thomas Shearer, Spud Atkinson, Nathaniel Miller, Adam Mitulinski, Heather McPhillips, Danielle Ronald, Alice Crolla, Viki Roche, James McDonough, Saira Beig, Joshua Purton, Nolan Pollard, Matthew Gittings

Documentary Camera: Josh Calvert, Nathaniel Greenwood, Ryan Overend, Josh Lightowler, Andrew Loyd

Production Photography: Arthur Arnesen, Katy Pogue.