Feature Films - Olivia Twist


OLIVIA TWIST is set in contemporary times in Stoke-on-Trent, a city once renowned for industrial splendour. Olivia, an orphan from Afghanistan, is on the run and finds shelter with Bob Fagin and his gang of mercenary metal thieves. She is put to the test and challenged to fight for her freedom and protect her innocence. Against the backdrop of the 2011 UK riots, cross-cultural tension and the pottery tradition, the adaptation stays true to the gritty tone and social commentary underlying the original classic novel by Charles Dickens.

Cast & Crew

Writer (screenplay) / Director: Arno Hazebroek

Producer: Arno Hazebroek

Line Producer: Michelle Dawe

Executive Producers: Martin Gaskell, Claire Ebrey

Directors of Photography: Jasmin Anderson, Philip Brown

Production Designer: Silje Wiedswang Larsson

Costume Designer: Shannon James

Music: Viktor Dorozsmai

Supervising Sound Editor: Enos Desjardins

Production Sound Mixer: Axle Kith Cheeng

Colourist: Charles Hennegrave

Hair and Make-up Artists: Kristy Bowyer, Cheryl McGreevy

Cast: Ellie Mahyoub, James Francis, Jordan Daws, Martin Alcock, Ange Fleming, Teague Davis, Matthew Mellalieu, Kimberley Wintle, Lucy Fenton, Darren Smallridge, Neerja Naik, Amir Rahimzadeh, Laura Bodell, Chris Salisbury, Rachel Grainger, Priyasasha Kumari, Beki Mpala, Natalie Keenan, Kim Gandy, Kim Hallam, Dereece Gibson, Richard Lancaster, Jaime Seal, Jessica Critchley, Isaak Gray, Kyle Bond

Costume Assistant: Sharah Griffith

Props Master: Emily Connell

Production Manager: Lois Price

1st Assistant Director: Thomas Pantelakis

2nd Assistant Director: Hannah Jones

Continuity Supervisor: Sophia Harris


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